Here are some recent testimonials.

“For more years than I like to remember I’ve suffered with extreme tension in my neck, shoulders and more recently suffered from strange dizzy spells. Having been through many tests to understand what might be the cause of the dizzyness I was recommended to contact Kathryn who examined me and explained it could be due to the tension in my shoulders and neck. After only 3 sports massages I’m cured – no dizzyness and the change it has made in my ability to move my back, shoulders, neck and arms is unbelievable.
How many of us continue to ‘put up’ with these types of aches and pains? – don’t, just contact Essence Massage and walk free from pain. Thanks Kathryn” Emma (Sports Massage)

“As a runner I suffer with tight leg muscles and so have been to Kathryn for a number of sports massages.Although I can’t say a deep sports massage is always relaxing (!) the benefits are huge and Kathryn has always been able to get rid of the painful knots as well as giving helpful advice on stretching and warming up. As I embark on training for my first marathon I plan to have regular massages to keep aches and pains at bay!” Helen (Sports Massage)

“Kathryn is a talented Massage Therapist who has successfully treated me through a number of ailments such as twisted muscles and stress. She has also pampered me on many occasions and I can highly recommend her Full Body Massage and Indian Head Massge. She is very adept at stricking the right balance of pressure and fine tuning the massge to her customers individual requirements through her selection of oils.” Suzanne (Swedish and Indian Head massage)

“Kathryn’s full body massage and back, neck and shoulder massage were the best I’ve had…and I’ve been lucky enough to sample a few! Her technique was relaxing but firm (at my request) and released the strain and tension from my muscles instantly. Not only is she a superb masseuse, she is also a delightful individual who will be as chatty or as quiet during your treatment as you wish. My only disappointment is that I now live in London and therefore cannot see her more regularly.” Laura (Swedish Massage)

“During the later stages of my pregnancy I had a couple of very relaxing back massages from Kathryn. I found her expertise and enthusiasm very refreshing and she eased away my aches in no time. She came to my home and so all I had to do was relax! I would thoroughly recommend Kathryn to anyone, pregnant or not!” – Anna (Pregnancy Massage)

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