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Sporting opportunities

During my VTCT Level 3 Sports MassageĀ course I was fortunate to work with a wide range of sports people including runners, tennis players, cyclists, cricketers, footballers and a gymnast and I have been able to see first hand how sports impact the body in different ways.

It is important for any sports person to take care of their selves. Look at ways you can improve your health and fitness, how you can care for your body and most importantly acknowledge and resolve any injury. Injuring one area can have a huge knock on effect and you could end up causing yourself even more damage.

Whatever your age and whatever your sport, there are many benefits associated with sports massage:

* To boost individual endurance and performance
* To prevent the development of weak areas in the body
* To reduce stress on other muscle groups of the body
* To prevent injury
* To reduce pain
* To reduce swelling
* To reduce bruising
* To speed the healing process
* To allow the area to return to normal efficient functioning

Sports Massage – Prevent, Protect, Prepare, Perform. Call Kathryn on 0774 864 0257.

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